Time Litter! Did Time Travelers Leave Time Garbage Back In Ancient Times?

Time travel: is it possible? What are its practical purposes? When will it be achievable? Will time travelers wear easily lose-able finger watches which they’ll haphazardly scatter across the time-scape? All of these questions and more run through my head every day. Be glad you’re not in my head. Originally posted on Your Daily Media […]

It’s Charles “Mutha Fuckin'” Dickens’s Birthday Yo!

Happy goddamn 200th birthday Charles D., you ornery quill pen scribblin’ literary pimp. You’re lookin’ pretty good for being a couple Benjamins old, what’s your secret? Bikram yoga? Damn, that’s pretty badass Chuck. You don’t mind if I call you Chuck do ya? I tried that hot yoga shit once and damn near pulled my […]

This Didn't Happen Today in History — December 16th

December 16th 1362 — King Gretch the Least Boil Covered, ruler of Low Slopshire, was propped up in the window of Pox Castle to gurgle incoherently at his dead and dying subjects for what turned out to be his final address. His feverish ramblings meandered from the subject of the appropriate waiting period after the death of a […]

Tomorrow's Bullies: Start Your Engines — 2011's Most Popular Baby Names

Babies, you have to call them something, and “Dream Murdering Booze Accident” gets confusing as their numbers multiply. So we give them more vague names based almost entirely on our own whims. We made the thing, we should get to scar it for life with the poorly thought out label we’ll be writing into the back of its underwear for decades. […]

This Didn't Happen Today in History — November 30th

November 30th 2012 — After the inadvertent release of indisputable scientific and theological confirmation of the Mayan calendar’s grim prediction of the end of the world and with a now hard, verified three weeks remaining in the very existence of the planet Earth and all of mankind, the peoples of the world, finally seeing above […]

It's F'ing Columbus Day Bitches !!

Have you ever stared at a word for a really long time and the word starts to just turn into letters that make absolutely no sense and it’s almost like you’re looking at a foreign language that you don’t understand? Oh, so I’m the only one? Whatever liars. So as I was digging into the […]

This Didn't Happen Today in History — October 7th

October 7th 1988 — Christian Death Metal band Christ Hammer and the Anvil of God released their fifth studio album “Body and Blood”. The album received mixed reviews among the evangelical music reviewing community. Luke Davey of the “Jesus Times” called the album “The single most important writing ever in the name of Jesus Christ. […]