Van Full of Booze *hic*

I’m very committed to Van Full of Candy. I’ve been on vacation. I went to Burning Man last week and left a couple articles in my stead to keep my presence up. I am exceptionally drunk on my 4th Long Island Ice Tea of the evening. But here I am, drunk blogging at nearly midnight because of my commitment to the Candy filled Van. So really, what I’m saying is that I’m a hero.

I don’t use the term hero loosely. I reserve the word for exceptional circumstances like running into a burning building to save a pile of orphan puppies, or blogging on a full stomach of alcohol. These feats are equal in my blurry, blurry eyes.

I’m a saint. Statues should be built in my honor. Seriously. I’m kinda awesome.

My vacation will be over next week. I will resume my regular broadcast day Monday, but in the mean time, I am drinking for you, and me, and me some more, because that is what you expect from we at Van Full of Candy…

You’re welcome…

See you Monday. If I don’t die of alcohol poisoning. Which of course I won’t… For you, the loyal reader.

You’re welcome.

I love you guys. I can totally drive home guys, I live like 5 blocks from here. I’m totally fine, seriously…

*pass out* *fall down* *vomit* *roll me over so I don’t die*


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