Another Grammy Waste Of Time

The 53rd Annual Complete Freak Show
You screw up at the Super Bowl, and you fall down at the Grammys. Tsk tsk!!
"I knew I could get another use out of my wedding dress ... and these wings."
Bob Dylan grunts out a few inaudible lyrics to his new song "Laryngitis"
What do you get when Elmo and Big Bird have a one night stand?
Mick Jagger the marionette is surprised he's still alive too
Howie Mandel joins a band ... AND WINS!
Babs LOVES Duck Sauce ... she better anyway!
A Star is Drunk, I mean ... Born. Kris Kristofferson slurs his way through introducing Babs
Sigourney Weaver and the Alien finally did the nasty
Yeah you! You're still white!
Hey Ricky Martin, nice pants, and where'd your accent go? Oh yeah, nobody cares!
Some band with many members accidentally won Album of the Year
Zip, Nada, Zilch ... Wahh wahhh!

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