The 2011 Pre-St. Paddy’s Day Pub Crawl-Pub Crawl

Wednesday March 16th

10:30am – Apartment

Hey, what’s up everyone, just wanted to get the live blog update started with the 2011 Pre St. Patty’s Day Pubcrawl here on campus where they get things started early. So early in fact, that I’m actually already a couple of hours behind everyone else since I woke up so late after some fierce beer-pong last night. But LET’S PAAAAARTAAAAAAAY. I mean shit, tomorrow is the big Green day, so lets get our pubcrawl on!!

11:00am – O’Shannahan’s Grill

Ok, sweet, we just arrived at the kick-off bar. It’s packed in here, damn! So tradition is that you have to drink two green beers and eat two of their green hard boiled Luck O’ The Sam I Am eggs before you can leave. And if you don’t, they put green underwear over your neck that you have to wear the rest of the day as a badge of shame. And that AIN’T happening to me THIS year.


Just finished the eggs, they were a bit dry and hard to swallow, but the beer washed it down pretty well, and I’m feeling just a little bloated. Earned my stripes and I’m off. Let’s take a look at the map here.

11:50am – Lucy’s Taqueria

I know this isn’t a traditional Irish bar, but it’s on the “crawl list” and it’s stop #2. Ok, so inside Lucy’s you’re supposed to have the “Irish Mexican”. It’s similar to an Irish Car Bomb but it has different ingredients, lets see here. It’s a pint of Dos Equis, a shot glass of Jose Cuervo, two tablespoons of green chile salsa for color and topped with Bailey’s Irish Cream and it’s served with a green quesadilla.


Oh man, that wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. That really filled me up. Ok, but I’m good, so lets keep on doing this THANG! Whoa, just burped and it tasted like egg and sweet creamy salsa, nasty. Getting a good buzz going here though. Let’s move on. We’re goin’ til midnight, no time to puss out now.

12:00pm – McLoughlin’s Clover Pub

Alright sweet. We’re at one of the town’s oldest bars now. Just took a quick leak in the john and ready for some more shinanigans. Ok, so here at McLoughlin’s, you need to do an Irish jig with Seamus and Quinn without spilling your Black & Tan, so here goes.


Jesus, that was a workout and then drinking the Black and Tan, whew, I’m getting BLOOOOAted. But god damnit, lets do this the right way, buck up son, lets move on. Oh wait, I really need to belch, hang on. Go ahead, I’ll be right out.

12:40pm – Outside

Oh jeez, sorry that took so long, all that dancing really got things all stirred up in my belly. Wow, that wasn’t pretty. I’m just realizing that I’m really trashed actually, it’s like everything I smell is Irish, but everything I taste is Mexico. Ok, I’m doing better now, lets go.

12:45pm – Bengal Tiger Curry Kitchen

I’m really not too sure about this one. Hang on, it smells really strong in here I need a second.


I’m better now, let’s rock this shit. Alright, so I just need to pound a Green Curry Guinness Mosambi. Not so bad, it has an orange flavor to … HOLY SHIT THIS IS HOT!! God it’s boiling my intestines, is this some sort of sick joke? Oh crap I just puked on the floor, oh look it’s the eggs, cool. What do you mean get out? I just bought your sick curry bullshit and … ARRRGGGHHH ITS STILL BURNING!! Fine! I’ll leave, but I hate you!! I’m not slurring, you are.

1:00pm – Outside Sitting on Sidewalk

I don’t need your stupid help! I’M FINE!! We still have 11 hours, so come on! Move! Uggh, I fell. Where’s next? Hmmm? I’m not going to that stupid apartment, thasss for quitters! You wann me to quit? EFF YOU! See? I didn’t even cuss cuz I’m fine! Hang on gotta … oh there’s the Mexican food. Smells like curry, what the EFF? Where are we?

4:13pm – Apartment Bathroom

How’d I get to here in this, what’s the toilet? Oh hi I’m drunk! I don’t really know who got me here. Alright! Why is there underwear around my neck? Ok, well I’m much better now, so I’m gonna go back out and tell … but it’s so comfy right here. Bathroom rug, you’re so soft, I love you, you’re blue.

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