The Social (Drinker) Network: LIVR

It’s a universally accepted truth that things are more fun with a little splash of fire water. We here at Van Full of Candy have been sharing our love of the laugh liquid for some time now and soon, you’ll be able to party exclusively with those sociable drunks in your immediate area via the new LIVR app. I personally can’t wait for this terrible idea to reach my pocket.

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If you’re anything like me, you’re a lot more fun when a couple yum drinks of an alcoholic nature are battering your poor, overworked liver. Alcohol allows us to interact with people who our sober selves might otherwise never want anything to do with. It gives us the courage to do the things that we would always be doing if not for our pesky “better judgement” or annoying “clear thinking”. Go to bed, rational thought and logic, let me tuck you in with a couple tall South Beaches and a shot of Goldschlager!

Well now two Brooklyn app designers are bringing a whole new way to enjoy your nights, and it LITERALLY can’t be started until you’ve knocked back a few!

Like a bar friend egging your drunken buffoonery forward in the palm of your hand!

Kyle Addison and Avery Platz, developers of LIVR, came up with an awesome new idea (not surprisingly, over a couple drinks) for a breathalyzer activated social network. The breathalyzer attachment (which I assume will be part of the app bundle when it is scheduled to launch in Spring 2014) has to register a pre-determined blood alcohol content to even let you access the app, ensuring that you are properly lubricated so as to enjoy the hi-jinx therein.

Choose your future regret!

From a “crowdsourcing Truth or Dare game”, where other users of LIVR post truths or dares that you can then get points for accepting and completing. There’s a “Hot Spots” map, which will show you where other LIVR partiers are out and about, and even a “Drunk Dial” feature that will “randomly call another user that’s been let into the LIVR app”. After connecting with another fun drunkard, you two consenting adults (what with your elevated courage and lowered inhibitions) can then choose to, you know… roll around together anonymously on a filthy bar restroom floor for a couple minutes.

“Yeah, let’s head on over to one of those Hot Spots and collect me a couple spots of my own… I mean…”

Then, after you’ve enjoyed your night of technologically aided shenanigans, LIVR even offers the “Blackout Button” which, with a press, can “completely erase all evidence of what you’ve done that evening.”

Alright phone, be cool. As far as anyone needs to know, those scuff marks came from when I dropped you in the toilet.

This is a great way to handle evidence on your phone. But after some smooth talk through the Drunk Dial, you may have a harder time erasing any evidence of the evening left in your blood stream or surface area of your nether regions… Either way. Daddy want!

via: Your Daily Media

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