VFoC Podcast — “The Van Full of Candy Show: Episode 2: Whatchamacaliholics”

Episode 2 of “The Van Full of Candy Show” is in the books and with even fewer hitches than before! We’re slowly but surely figuring this thing out. Sort of, we think… Maybe… Well aside from not being able to be heard over the opening theme… We’ll work that out soon.

This week we re-visited with Andrea, who has become our first two time caller and friend of the show, to get a little more¬†explanation of her answering machine message from last week involving the sexual application of bacon and plastic wrap. And amazingly, the explanation only raised more questions than it answered. Eating of the bacon, raw or cooked, wrapping a dead god in bacon to be devoured by his entombed servants. Who the fuck knows. It’s a baconny riddle wrapped in¬†cellophane, wrapped in bacon again!

After a quick word from our sponsors we came back and said hello to ICUP Comedy Troupe‘s Josh Dietz. Josh dropped by to let us know that he is a much better person than we are, and that ICUP Comedy Troupe will be doing a benefit show for Shoes and Sandwiches on February 26th at The California Stage in Sacramento. And if that wasn’t enough “the CUP”, as no one but I call them, will be taking the stage at the The Last Stand Comedy Venue, another friend of the show John Ross’ new club in Chico, California!

Another fine outing for “The Van Full of Candy Show”. We might go so far as to say that, after our previous outings, this just might be the single greatest piece of recorded entertainment since the invention of recording, or entertainment. But again, that’s for you to confirm for us. If you missed this episode of “The Van Full of Candy Show” shame on you, if you can forgive yourself, you’re a better person than we. Check us out again next week LIVE on the interwebs, where we LIVE! Bye now!

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