Show Your Support For Reproductive Rights With This Coat Hanger Pendant Conversation Starter

There’s not a lot of things more polarizing in today’s society than what a lady woman should and shouldn’t be allowed to do with her own biological by-product. So what better way to gently facilitate rational conversation than a coat hanger hanging around your neck as thank you for your donation to the cause? Oh, absolutely anything else? Well, you clearly don’t want to have fun loud conversations with strangers.

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I’m all for a good awareness raising poke in the eye to boost knowledge of a good cause but… Wait, what was the “but” going to be here?

Provocateurs: Start your engines!

DCAF (the D.C. Abortion Fund), an organization “that focuses solely on disbursing small patient grants for abortion care” is offering, as part of a donation drive, a little thank you gift to any donors who will commit to a $10+ monthly contribution to the fund. A not unfamiliar gesture. Anyone who’s ever heard the term “pledge drive” no doubt has the oft mocked image of the PBS tote bag lodged in their unconscious. But that’s not what the DCAF is giving to their generous donors. No, the gift given by the non-profit group that pays for D.C. area abortions for those who might not be able to afford it on their own is, well, a little more on the nose.

It could just signify your commitment to closet organization too of course…

The ten dollar monthly donation level will get you this stylish coat hanger pendant. Sure to be a conversation starter at any party, this household item, often associated with the thought of back alley abortions, will surely shout to any room you enter “I’m ready for an argument and my neck just called you an asshole!”

Hands up: who knew about the DCAF before they offered abortion jewelry to donors? Yeah, I thought so. And now: boom! Instant shock recognition. And while we may not necessarily agree with the provocative sentiment, you can’t argue with the resulting newfound knowing of who DCAF are. I kind of want one, though I don’t necessarily have a real strong desire to donate (not for any real strongly held feelings on the subject; mostly I’m just broke). And for those who don’t care about the blow back of negative responses to their attention-grabbing tactics (and really, since this is a group that STARTS from a blow back point of funding abortions, they are the base level for judging potential negative association) the sky’s the limit when it comes to trolling your detractors for free publicity.

If only they had a $20 level that offered a dumpster shaped back pack, well, I might strongly consider chipping in.

via: Your Daily Media

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