Aussie Teacher Gets Last, Least-Classy Word On Dead School Bully

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. That’s all well and good and actionable in a fair fight, but what if the eye you’re trying to get for your eye is decomposing in a box. Is it REALLY the high road if you don’t still take that easily takeable eye? Who’s REALLY […]

Show Your Support For Reproductive Rights With This Coat Hanger Pendant Conversation Starter

There’s not a lot of things more polarizing in today’s society than what a lady woman should and shouldn’t be allowed to do with her own biological by-product. So what better way to gently facilitate rational conversation than a coat hanger hanging around your neck as thank you for your donation to the cause? Oh, […]

The state bird of "Go Fuck Yourselfachusetts"

Go Ahead And Hate Your Neighbor

Yesterday morning I started my week as every gravy blooded, American man, woman and child should: with a good stiff drive by fingering. Now I’m no saint, and I’m certainly no stranger to road rage, but I do believe that in this case, and by every measurable criteria, that this response was largely unwarranted. I […]