Wednesdays Are: Messiahs Eat Free

Science: most of the time it’s telling you how cute the thing threatening to eat the galaxy is, how it could travel through time if it could just discover the thing that would be able to travel through time, or telling our penises things they already get. But now, science has decided it’s its job […]

Science: Making the Impossible still more Impossibler

I’m a scientist. And you know what? So are you. You see, the heavy lifting of being a scientist isn’t in proving something as fact, most science isn’t fact. Or in discovering something new, you know how hard that shit is? Most of the stuff around you’s probably been discovered by somebody already. No, what […]

Space Wants You Dead

We are all going to be murdered by a giant green blob, the size of our entire galaxy, THAT SHITS STARS! Why am I the only one screaming!? So what if it’s 650 million light years away? How do you know that some living space cloud, the size of what we can’t even begin to […]